iPhone sleepytime dock

If you’re like me, your iphone does a bunch of things – email, phone calls, instant message, alarm clock, etc.

Sometimes you want it to be quiet on the stuff you don’t want (push notifications/instant messages) while still being loud on the thing you want (alarm clock). There’s no setting on the iphone to do that – but there is a good way to make it happen.

Basically all the user notifications (push/audio out/etc) will run through the headphone jack if one is connected. The alarms will still come from the main phone speakers.

So – options:

#1 – attach headphones to your iphone before you go to sleep.
Not too much of a hassle, but – kind of lame. Let’s says for whatever reason, you don’t want to do that. Well…

#2 – Somebody makes a headphone plug with a little bit of load that will make your iphone think it’s got a headphone plugged in.

If you don’t want to pay $10 for a headphone plug that doesn’t actually function as a headphone, theres’s a third option.

#3 – buy one of those cheap slightly defective docks on ebay. I recommend an ebay search for ‘iphone dock’. The one you want will look something like this. It should be a few dollars including shipping, usually direct from China.

I say slightly defective because it has one flaw that I know of – it always thinks there’s a headphone plugged into it. So that means that anytime your phone is in this dock, all user alerts will be silent.

And with a dremel, you can make them iphone4 compatible.

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