le Tour

It is that time of year again…. The Tour de France. In the past, I use to try to take off the month of the tour for religious and cultural reasons. My name being really French, I thought terryo would let me get away with it. Instead he’s just amusingly reject my request. This year, I really didn’t have a desire to watch after the Floyd Landis doping debacle of last year. Do I think Floyd doped? No. Why? He’s a cocky son-of-a-bitch who thinks he’s the best rider in the world and doesn’t need drugs. David Miller? Tyler Hamilton? Probably. Floyd? NO.

However Saturday, I found myself watching the first day of the Tour. Why? I have a thing for Phil Liggett, “The Voice of Cycling.” No other person can call a race. What crazy thing will he say when something happens during the race? Who else in the world knows that Domestic X crashed on that random curve in the middle of Alps in 1982? So yes, I have a thing for Phil and we have a date every summer.

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  1. zinger says:

    How about Christophe Moreau? That’s a little spooky isn’t it?

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