Me with Pen or Four with Glue Stick?

From the 21st to the 26th of December, the horrible puking virus went through my house.  For Q, it was over in 12 hrs.  For Four, he threw up every hr the first 12 hrs and than moved to throwing up every 24 hrs for four days.  Four ended up in a pediatric ER in NJ on Christmas Eve for an IV for dehydration.  I had a great experince at the Hospital.  Four got great treatment in very child friendly surroundings and we didn’t have to have Christmas morning in the Hospital.  We were released in 4-5 hours.  We didn’t even sit down in the waiting room – we got taken right back.  I am going to write them a letter saying how grea the  Dr and Nurses were.

Well, this week Four got a letter from the hospital asking him to take as survey.  Yes, Four who is 27 months old.  No where on the survey does it say for the parent to fill it out if the patient is under X years.

So, do I fill it out or do I let Four fill it out in crayon?  I could even let him use a glue stick and put googly eyes on it.  That’s his preferred media.

What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to Me with Pen or Four with Glue Stick?

  1. zinger says:

    I think you should lay out all available options to 4 and post a picture of the result, them mail it to the hospital.

  2. Evil_bastard says:

    The hospital would probably find a survey response written by a child cute (maybe with a note by you in the comments section stating that you had a good experience there).

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