My Clerks Moment…

Evil Bastard will love this.  On the way home Friday night, I went to the Food Liion at the Karate Dance Bagel shopping Center.  There was plywood over the Food Lion windows with a big We are Open sign crudely written on the front.  I was so hoping that Dante would be at the check out, but alas he wasn’t.  Apparently the Ashburn Food Lion is going to become a Blooms – whatever that is.  I did find the coolest thing on sale there – Lego Waffles made by Eggo.  Yes, Lego shaped waffles.  There are six blocks per square waffle and you can break it apart and build things with them.  It is the coolest.  The only bad thing is that there are eight waffles per box.  Hello!!!!  My 4 and 2 year old can wipe out six waffles at breakfast between them.  We filled the holes with stick and buit a bridge.  Very Cool.  I need them to come in a 24 pack at minium in order to build anything cool.  I’d preferr a sixty-four pack, but I’m getting greedy.

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