Nothing says Sunday night….

Nothing says Sunday night like American Gladiators.  Wasn’t it on back in the day around 2ish on a Saturday/Sunday on an independent channel?  Watching it on NBC at prime time (ok I tivo’d it) on the couch with someone special makes the perfect Sunday night.

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3 Responses to Nothing says Sunday night….

  1. chrism says:

    Dude… is Nitro gonna beat that guys’ ass or WHAT??? Wait… that show is so last year! 🙂 There was an interview with one of the actors/gladiators friday on the way into work… on 97 rock maybe?

  2. adrienne says:

    The ref on the show is the Ref from “Dodge Ball” movie. Husband pointed out that the camera man exceeded his quota of crotch shots.

  3. Jason says:

    I still have it DVRd, haven’t watched it yet, I heard the hulkster is in it, not that that’s what would cause me to watch it, other than the making fun factor of the crypt keeper reborn.

    I’ll get to it eventually.

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