People who keep finding find-assist in their browsers…

It is an intentional attempt to capitalize on typos and confused people by presenting a page with paid links prioritized among ‘search results’. If you’re using Verizon DNS servers (198.6.x.x) then you want to read this:

Note that this Functionality may affect non-browser applications that rely on receiving an NXDOMAIN or other error message. It also may override the browser-based search page results Customer might otherwise receive when it inputs a search term, rather than a domain name, in the URL address bar. To avoid affecting non-browser applications such as those used for email or FTP, the Functionality attempts to recognize such applications and where it does so, it does not provide the Search Page, but instead provides the requested IP address or an error message such as NXDOMAIN, as applicable. However, Company does not guarantee that it will recognize all non-browser applications or that non-browser queries will never be sent a Search Page. Company will take commercially reasonable steps to address problems of which it is notified. Customers who wish to make sure that their applications do not receive a Search Page response should configure them to send their DNS queries to an alternative DNS cache server that does not provide the Functionality. Existing Company DNS cache servers that do not use this Functionality are, and

via Non Reg General Terms and Conditions.

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  1. chrism says:

    Note that the normal set of servers: – Ashburn – Atlanta – Los Angeles – Los Angeles – Dallas – Seattle – Sacramento – Boston – Sacramento

    are spread across the AS701 network. The proposed 3 replacement servers: – Dallas – Dallas – Chicago

    Are located in less diverse and less desirable (for some large portions of the 701 customer base) locations… This does not seem like a good compromise for the vast majority of 701 customers.

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