Polish police end nun rebellion

Polish police officers escort a nun from a convent in Kazimierz Dolny
The nuns have been defending their charismatic mother superior
Polish police have evicted a group of defrocked Roman Catholic nuns from a convent they were occupying in defiance of the Vatican.

Bailiffs used ladders to scale the walls of the convent in the eastern town of Kazimierz Dolny, and opened the gates to let in some 150 policemen.

The police found some 65 nuns, a baby and a Franciscan monk in the building.

The nuns resisted attempts to replace their mother superior, who claims to have seen visions of the Holy Spirit.

BBC NEWS | Europe

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  1. adrienne says:

    I want to be a pregnant nun for Halloween. I’ve been never knocked up during Halloween.

  2. zinger says:

    That would be awesome.

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