PropBot / CreativeInvestor spam slime

I guess we all know, somewhere in the backs of our heads, that whenever we create an account on a website – that website could be/or might turn evil and start spamming us. I normally have pretty good luck but ran afoul of “CreativeInvestor” and “PropBot”. I signed up for the CreativeInvestor site some three years ago and I faintly recall it was something about getting email notifications on homes that were getting foreclosed in my zip code. I quickly discovered the noise to signal ratio to be unacceptably high, canceled the email notification, and thought nothing more.

Fast forward a couple years, the mail notifications start up again. This time, they won’t unsubscribe. They pretend they do, you get an email that says you’ve unsubscribed, but you just keep getting notifications. When I sent a notice to them, they’re all indignant about how I agreed to a term of service.

Sigh, now I guess I need to blacklist and report them to abuse.

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