Salisbury university sucks.

At least for anybody who shows up and attempts to get wifi access in one of the student lounges.

They have four networks announcing ssid’s. One of then has wpa on it. The others are student, staff, and guest.

All of them require a web based authentication. None have instruction. Finally I dig up a word document that tells me I can get a temporary login from the information desk.

So I hit the info desk and inquire. The first girl goes into the back and retrieves another girl with snakebite piercings.

Snakebite girl asks me which group I’m with. I tell her I’m with the big batch of bicycle riders. Snakebite says that guest access isn’t for me, it’s for people in groups.

I can use their window desktops (public terminals are about as sanitary as public urinals) if I want.

I guess it’s across the street to the tcby and its free wifi for me.

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