Starting Strength

So Today, technoslave and I went to the gym to lift for the (my) first time.

I guess it seems kind of weird to be 39 and just starting to learn how to do the heavy dumbbells – but it’s just the kind of thing that I never got around to doing correctly. I’ve had resistance machines in the basement, and I’ve been to a gym occasionally, but when it came to full body free weights, I never really knew what I was doing, and was afraid of hurting myself or doing something stupid on my own.

Anyways – we talked it up a few months ago, and decided we’d start in Feb so we wouldn’t be competing with all the New Years resolutioners.

So, I read some Starting Strength to get the basic concepts down, and we gave it a shot.

I feel it was a good start. We weren’t trying anything crazy on a first day – mostly trying to get form right.

Squats – bar, 3×8 reps, 1.5×5 reps
Press – 155×2, 135 x5
Isolated curl – 45×5, 55×5, 60×5

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