Stop using your neighbors Swing Set Zinger!

So apparently some of Zinger’s neighbors have been committing some serious etiquette violations..

from the Loudoun County Easterner -“On a less serious note, we’ve been asked to address the issue of respecting one another’s space. This sounds silly but it really is a problem for some. It would be funny to tell some of the stories we’ve heard, however, we don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. It is important to remember that even the friendliest, most social beings need privacy. We have fabricated some basic rules:

–If you can see your neighbors eating dinner through their kitchen window, act like you don’t. Please don’t wave or knock on the door during this time.

–If you see a playground and you’re unsure of whether or not it’s a “tot lot”, look for a trash receptacle. Tot lots have them; most backyards do not.

–If the children of the house are not outside, it’s not ok to use their toys, sporting equipment, or swing sets.

–Do not play in a neighbor’s yard uninvited.

–If you cannot sleep in the middle of the night, do not shoot hoops in your neighbor’s driveway.

–Do not remove lawn mowers, baby pools or other personally owned items from someone’s garage without their consent.

–If you are not supervising your child, you are not allowed to get defensive when a neighbor calls to report bad behavior (i.e. Child urinating on their tree).

–Adults should not socialize in someone’s driveway just because it’s in a central location. Move your conversation to neutral territory.

–Try to keep your parties in your own yard.

We hope these rules are helpful in setting some guidelines. Now that we’re done writing, we have to go get our kids out of the vacationing neighbor’s pool.”

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