Stuck in Vail

Well, we picked a great time to go hit Vail. A super blizzard came through and closed down the airport. We thought our flight (which was scheduled to go out today at 7:40pm) would be ok – but we got a call this morning that it had been canceled. Next flight back is Christmas, so I guess we’ll be amusing ourselves out here for the next three days. Could be worse – at least we’re stuck in a nice 4 star hotel instead of at the airport.

Here’s some pictures of our fun so far.

edit: we wrapped up our trip with a fire alarm drill at 6:30AM at the hotel, then got home about 2:30AM from the airport.

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  1. dayspring03 says:

    Hi – It looks like a good ski trip. I recognized some of the slopes at Vail. Were you
    snowmobiling at Dillon Lake?

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