building my UAV
Here’s how I’m building my UAV… well, at least, how I’m starting to… Basically, I bought a Blade CX2 heli, complete, for about $200 and hacked the heli, added sensors, microcontrollers, etc.

The CX2 controller has 4 potentiometers into which I spliced a breadboard. A Parallax Propeller (prop chip) is used to read the control stick voltages through a simple Delta – Sigma ADC… receive live data from another prop-based system resident on the heli, some control laws are (will be) applied, and the new voltages are output using a PWM based DAC (couplea caps, couplea resistors…). The prop also can talk to a laptop thru its USB port. I have some java code which displays various outputs (very much a work in progress and not currently a high priority)

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