Things broken in the NagiosXI VM

I hadn’t tried Nagios for a while, so I thought I’d give it a try. Groundwork Monitor seemed to have potential, but it appears they’ve removed most references to their community edition from their website. I downloaded a VM from here:

Initial things broken:
1 – ifcfg-eth0 specifies a mac address, so the randomly generated mac for a VM won’t work. Need to delete that instance
2 – /etc/sudoers has ^Ms in it, that breaks sudo. Delete those lines.
3 – apache is trying to log to /etc/httpd/logs, which is a symbolic link to /var/logs/httpd. But that directory doesn’t exist. mkdir /var/logs/httpd

This is just in the first five minutes of installing the vm. We’ll see what else is broken soon.

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