Catch Em in the Act by Terry Bisson

Lou pointed it at his cat and looked in the viewscreen.

There was the cat. The picture in the viewscreen was black and white, with a little Date&Time display at the top. It was even grainy, like a real surveillance video.

Cool! Lou pressed SHOOT.

The cat took a crap in the corner, and then left the room, looking like a criminal. But cats always look like criminals.

Lou pressed PLAY. There it was again in the viewscreen: the cat, the crap, the corner, in grainy black and white, with Date&Time at the top: 04/18/2008/8:44 p.m.

The cat slunk off and the screen went blank.

Lou hit PLAY and watched it again.

“Cool,” he murmured. / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Catch ’Em in the Act by Terry Bisson.

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