Vodka Dosing by ‘Genetics’ and ‘Stony_Corals’ –

While looking at the last awesome Tank of the Month, I saw the owner had been dosing it with vodka daily. That sounded interestined ehough that I wanted to read more and found this..

The addition of vodka/ethanol is thought to increase bacterial biomass. For this, vodka addition would result in bacterial growth and reproduction. During this process nutrients in the water including NO3 and PO4 are taken up for the formation of new macromolecules that are needed in cell synthesis and viability. Due to this rapid growth and reproduction, NO3 and PO4 can drop quickly from detectable levels by most test kits on the market. The increased biomass of the bacteria leads to a notable increase in skimmate production, removing more waste than without vodka addition. The increased skimmate is thought to remove the bacteria or bacterial biproducts that have assimilated the NO3 and PO4 within the water column leading to NO3 and PO4 depletion.

via Vodka Dosing by ‘Genetics’ and ‘Stony_Corals’ –

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