Wired Blogs: Gadget Lab

Wired Blogs: Gadget Lab
This is not the fast version of the Internet. This is not the easy-to-type-in version of the Internet. This is the mobile Internet, and, to see which phone could load wired.com fastest, we broke out the stopwatch and pitted four gladiators against one another: Helio’s new Fin, which surfs the Interwebs on an EVDO wave; the HSDPA version of the RAZR 2, the iPhone, which rips a mean EDGE curl on the information superbeach, and our Intern Sean’s well-used Sidekick II, which quenches its thirst for information off of a pathetic GSMGPRS trickle. Hit that jump to see the results.

1. HSDPA MOTO RAZR2: 18 seconds
2. HELIO FIN: 24 seconds to load some stupid text-only-version
3. SIDEKICK II: 44 seconds, though Sean is quick to point out that the Sidekick has an advantage because the pages it pulls down are first cached on Danger’s servers.
4. IPHONE: 71 seconds! Better hope you’re always around WiFi…

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