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Shameless Alamoure baiting

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

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It’s already broken

Tell yourself that it’s already broken. Tell yourself that you’ve already lost. Tell yourself that the person whom you are about to deal with is a total dipshit asshole moron. Tell yourself that you will eventually get divorced, hell, you’re … Continue reading

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Things that go RAWR!

For some inane reason, I’ve recently picked up the vapid habit of saying or typing “RAWR”. Not sure why, but to perhaps catharsize this idiosyncracy, I’ve decided to post a list of things that go RAWR.

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Which piece of Codite Iconography are you?

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Dinosaur Mummy

They’ve apparently found several dinosaur mummies throughout the last century or so. Recently, in Montanna, they found a duckbilled dinosaur that was petrified, with some skin and muscle intact. That’s great. Why are human mummies so scary, yet dinosaur mummies … Continue reading

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Why I quit my last job: the Johnny Rotten Syndrome

As Zinger mentioned in another post, I’ve just resigned from my last job. I was suffering from what I call “the Johnny Rotten Syndrome. ”

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Since Zinger hasn’t posted any naked chick links lately. . .

Thought I’d remedy the paucity of female nudity on this site by supplying this link to a Tiffany Taylor gallery. Tiffany is one of the few more or less “local” (eh, well College Park) women to have graced the pages … Continue reading

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Blackhawk Down: a social insight

I saw the movie “Blackhawk Down” for the first time this evening. Having been in the military, the most glaring inconsistency was this: where were all of the black and hispanic soldiers? There was one token black guy in a … Continue reading

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Taking a Constitutional Part 2

“States don’t always do what’s constitutional.” according to the Magistrate, whom I’ll refer to as Judge Judy for the remainder of my rant, at my pre-trial hearing. It was damned apparent that said court was either unprepared or unwilling to … Continue reading

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Star Wars: am I that easily swayed by capitalism?

I know, Caleb just posted about the new Star Wars, and every site on the net has someone’s dissertation on it. Since it’s Saturday afternoon and the chick that I was supposed to go out with tonight canceled on me, … Continue reading

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