Dematha JV Game….

I sent this Friday afternoon to the Principal of Paul VI.  I wonder if I’ll get a response….

Mrs. Colwell,

Let me just say I was very ecstatic that Paul VI was playing Dematha in Soccer.  My nephew plays on the JV Dematha Soccer Team and I was very excited that I could make one of his games since I live nearby your school.  My 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and 7month old were thrilled they would get to see their cousin play.

Towards the end of the game, one of your players suffered a nose bleed.  On the bench, there was a lady in a blue jacket and black shorts.  I was told later she was a coach.  She just sat there on the bench.  The Dematha Coach went to help the player and offered him the med kit and offered the player advice.  The lady jumped up and yelled at him to leave the player alone and to coach his own team.  She than sat down and yelled he needed to “Mind his own g*d dam* business”.   Further expletives were said by her.  I was horrified that a representative of a school would behave such away and that such language was used around my young children, the players, and in general.  A representative of the school should be setting an example.  The Dematha Coach was being a decent human being offering assistance.  If she did not want his assistance, she could have politely told him something to the affect “I got it covered, but thanks..”  or something equally civil.  I was disappointed over the behavior of this individual.  The language was uncalled for and should not have been used at an event that should be a family friendly affair.  She should be setting an example for the students and representing the school in a positive way.

As I mentioned, I brought three young children to the match.  I sat right behind the Paul VI bench because it was close to the parking lot.  I did not want to drag the kids by myself far into the bleachers.  I wanted not to have to drag them far to the car when I needed to change the baby’s diaper which I had to do more than once during the JV match.  After the JV match I was equally horrified by the behavior of the Paul VI parents.  I was going to stay and watch the first 10-15 minutes of the Varsity match.  I was told by the Paul VI parents that I had to move to the bleachers on the other side of the field.  The home bleachers were less than a third full.  I was not going to drag my kids at 7pm to the other side of the field.  It was for my safety as well I was told.  If the bleachers were filling up of Paul VI fans, I could possibly understand, but as a parent, I would not have made a visitor fan drag three small children to the other side of the field.  The parent was in all of the Dematha Fans faces.  He kept emphasizing it was for our safety.  So, I decided that this was not a welcoming or safe environment for my kids and left.

I left with a horrible impression of your School’s Staff and Parents.  I left extremely upset.  I had to explain to my children why we were not welcome at Paul VI and were leaving.  I am a potential customer as my oldest started Kindergarten this fall.  I have three potential students for Paul VI in the sadly not so distant future.  Being a co-ed Catholic High School is a plus in my book since I won’t have to juggle multiple schools for my two girls and one boy.  After yesterday, I do not want my children exposed to such an institution.

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  1. adrienne says:

    I have not received an email from Principal Colwell. Not even a “I’m sorry. Thank you for bringing to our attention. We will look into it.”

    I WOULD THINK they would like to preserve their brand. I do have three potential revenue streams.

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