# Hot dogs and # Hot dog buns but balloons…

You know that argument of how they sell different numbers of hot dogs and hot dog buns….

Ok, so today I’m having my Q’s and Four’s  b-day party at Pump It Up.  It is a bouncy place.   So I called and confirmed the party Friday.  It’s a party for 15 kids.  They have a 12 balloon package for $10.  They have a 24 balloon package for $y.  I’m like the party packages you sell are for 15 kids and 25 kids.  Why do you sell 12 balloons?  “We sell them by the dozen.”  “Why don’t you sell the packages by the dozen than too?”  “Hmmmm good question.”

You think we’d have fixed that hot dog problem by now…..

oh btw I’m not buying balloons.  Why spend $10 for something that is going to be on the ground by morning?

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