Fighting Fire with Fire (Redcross –)

So, the redcross has been wardialing us for the last two week. Here’s a screenshot from my vonage log:

This is actually a typical day, calls hourly or every two hours, or sometimes just a minute away from each other. Really annoying. And with both the wife and I being donors, we’ve had the situations where the phone will ring with one redcross call, then call waiting will beep with another- simultaneous – call. I’m guessing they’re doing calling in sequence by lastname, firstname – and aren’t smart enough (or don’t care) that they’re ringing the same number over and over.


Finally I answered one of the calls and told them “Yes, I’m already registered to donate blood on Tuesday – and if you call me one more time, I will be canceling that donation, and I’ll never donate to redcross ever again.”.

Blissful silence ever since. But now, I’ll be changing the phone number they have for me to GrandCentral, so if it gets bad again – I’ll just block their phone number.

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  1. Jason says:

    Oh My Fucking God, me too. I finally picked up and said please stop calling me. I didn’t get a call the next day as I feared I would, because it’s been literally two times a day – while I’m home. Then I got a call again the following day, and told the person who called “Look I asked to be taken off your list, take me off now.” As far as I know I haven’t gotten called since. Then again, I haven’t exactly been in town since Wednesday, so who knows.

    I basically told them the second time that I’ll give blood when I’m ready to…I’ll just go with never giving blood again if they call and I actually get a live person, instead of some of those recorded doctor so and so calls.

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