From Heiress to Famous

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Paris Hilton. Familiar faces to any television-watching American. But while Julia’s name is synonymous with her character Elaine on the hit television show Seinfeld, and Paris is commonly recognized for her “work” on The Simple Life and various other, ummm… film endeavors, the two have more in common than just prime time popularity.

Most people know Paris and her sister Nicky as the heiresses to the Hilton Hotel fortune, but few know Julia is in line to inherit an estimated TEN times more than the Hilton sisters COMBINED when her father passes away.

Julia’s dad, Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, runs the family’s Louis-Dreyfus Group, a diversified commodities, energy, shipping, real estate, manufacturing, and communications conglomerate, from offices in New York and Paris. His empire is worth an estimated $2.9 billion. Considering her father often refers to Julia as his “pride and joy,” some estimate her inheritance could reach ten figures.

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