re: 419 scam continues

From Lydmila:
Good day Eddie,
How your day today? How is the weather in your district?

I am glad to receive today your letter. Yes, I am excited, when I read
your letter. Your letter is very interesting to me. I never thought,
that I shall have acquaintance and correspondence to the man from
other country. It is very interesting to me. Also, I am glad to that
you loved my photos. I hope, you are truthful also sincere in your
letters. Yes, I want to ask you right at the beginning of our dialogue
that you were sincere with me. As I estimate revelation and sincerity.
It is probably interesting to you, why I have decided to search for
the man outside Russia.
I had relations with the Russian men. But these relations brought to
me only disappointment. In Russia men the family and love do not
appreciate. They have lost the main values of a life. They do not
appreciate the woman. The Russian men do not give care and love. They
have forgotten it in a pursuit of career and money.
In my life there were cases when men changed to me with other women.
They brought a pain, sufferings and humiliations. They completely not
similar to the American men. I read and heard about a life in America
and I want to tell that the Russian men strongly differ from men in America.
I was disappointed in men of Russia and consequently, I do not want to
have any relations with them. For this reason I have decided to search
for friends from other country. Eddie, I hope you understood me and
my last experience? It was unpleasant to recollect it, but now this
situation in the past and I build a new life.
Today I have the usual working day. Also Eddie, I want to tell to
you, that I write to you the letters from work. I have a computer of a
house, but I have no service of the Internet.
We with my sister recently were occupied in a new apartment and
consequently it yet has no telephone and Internet service. But soon
all it will be established.
I cannot write to you the letter from a workplace, on the contrary
correspondence with you, it brings the big interest to me. It seems to
me, you good the man though it is very difficult to judge the person
of all under two letters. Eddie, I want to tell to you, that I do
not want to hurry up, I want to study more about you, and about your
life. I have been deceived in the past, and I do not want to repeat
this bitter experience. The Internet a featureless thing, here can be
a lot of deceit, therefore I ask you that you were sincere with me. I
am sincere and frank with you.
My parents always taught me to speak only the truth, and never to
deceive other people.
I am grateful to them for good, worthy training and education.
Eddie, to you, probably, it will be interesting find out about my
family. Name my mother Elena, my mum works, as the chief accountant at
the enterprise. Name my father Vladimir, he works as the engineer in
firm on manufacture of refrigerators. Also I have the sister who is
more younger than me. The name my sister Anna, she studies in college,
her 21 years, my sister in before last year has left school and acted
in college. She receives education at Economic faculty, on a
speciality “Economic”. I estimate a choice of a trade my sister!
I shall send you photos family today.
Tell to me about your family? It will be very interesting to me.
On it I shall finish the letter to you. It is necessary for me to
continue the work.
I with impatience wait for your answer tomorrow, also I want to see
your photos, it would be very pleasant for me.
Your friend Lydmila.
Bye! Bye!

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