House in Stewart Little….

I have commented in the past about well know actors doing the voices in kids cartoons.  One Saturday morning I was watching cartoons with Q and Four, and I hear the voice of House.  Hugh Laurie does the voice of Stewart Little’s dad.  Do you know how hard it is for me to watch Stewart Little now? 

The new Disney show Handy Manny has Wilmer Valderrama from “That ’70s Show” as Manny.  Maybe Fred Savage told him how much he liked be Oswald the Octupus.  I’m still waiting for one of the Dawson Creek kids to get a gig as a voice.

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  1. Evil_bastard says:

    Haha, I know the feeling.

    Back in college, I worked part time processing mail for the Postal Service (go figure). As the only thing we were allowed to do to break the monotony was listen to headphones, I (philistine as it is) found myself listening to a lot of audio books. One of which was a Stephen King novel (forgot which) as read by Yeardly Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson. Needless to say, the novel had plenty of expletives in it.

    So, long story only slightly unbearably long: I dubbed some of the expletives into a Simpsons VHS recording and convinced the few people I was able to lure into my apartment that there was a bootleg, R rated Simpsons episode out there that had slipped the censors and aired only once, and that I had only one of 50 copies.

    My hoax was later uncovered by a cabal of conspirators who also overthrew my control of the Eastern European nation of Wallachia back around the turn of the millenium (tape was instrumental in establishing my right to sovereignty — long story).

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