If only US commercials were this good

Honestly, it’d be very nice if we all collectively decided that it’s ‘ok’ to view things like this during prime-time TV. Do we think ‘the children’ are going to NOT see this online/in-magazines/at-school???

Seriously now, you have to chuckle… Oh, and because I can’t resist: “Nice Pussy (cat)”

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7 Responses to If only US commercials were this good

  1. Evil_bastard says:

    Good point, but it saves parents from being asked the awkward question “What’s a furry?”

  2. chrism says:

    So, ‘what is a furry’? 🙂 Seriously, is that really that awkward? I suppose I’ve not had to come across that question since the little-one refuses to speak (he’s defiant like his mother)… I think being a little more open wouldn’t hurt our society, and might actually help us to not become even more repressed and screwed up (aka japan).\

    Of course, maybe it’s too long working in/near the abuse department talking…

  3. Evil_bastard says:

    I was just kidding, actually. It was my only line and I mentioned to the writers that maybe my character should have more of an arc.

    “You’re a ‘foil’ in this scene” they told me.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  4. chrism says:

    no inconvenience, it’s just comical how uptight people get (not you, but people in general)

    hitting on people’s taboo’s is always good fun.

  5. Evil_bastard says:

    True, in the old days, I’d rail against the fundamentalist right wingers who’re uptight and want to impose censorship. Where I am, I’m seeing the politcally correct left culture having the same nanny state affects as the fundamentalist right culture when it comes to censorship and general uptightness.

    So much for polemicism.

    Here’s a good example:
    Sweden — supposedly liberal, progressive place, with easy going attitudes toward sex.
    Miss Sweden posed for FHM magazine (no big deal, but it was to them)
    Sweden pulls her from the Miss Universe pageant on the grounds that it’s “degrading to women.”
    So, do they really mean that or are they just trying to save face — pre-empting some other uptight country’s outcry over the whole thing if she won?

  6. adrienne says:

    Oh Chris, you just wait. Q and Four are really curious about private parts and ask a lot of interesting questions. You have to hoinestly and creatively answer them in a way that is appropriate for 2&4 years old. Can I sent them over to your house for the “talk” in a few years?

  7. zinger says:

    Internet will solve all that. en.wikipedia.com/teaching.kids.about.sex

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