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Why the InterTubes are clogged

Because people keep letting their 12 yr old children use video cameras and upload things to the you-tube.. Things like: which is some sad over privileged child upset about god knows what telling all of the InterTubes how ‘hard’ and … Continue reading

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Who says all poetry is boring?

As a sort-of-shameless plug, my wife’s poetry press is about to release it’s next 3 books. The one of most interest for this post is: Jill Essbaum’s new book – Harlot (look, a cock!). Jill lives out of the country … Continue reading

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Kevin Smith and Man Boobs

When Kevin Smith pulls out the ‘I can see your man boobs from here’ you just know you are in trouble… Man, that guy should have just run out back and cried… ABL, have fun!

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Best Commercial EVER!

Watch this commercial, then drive directly to Montgomery, AL. Seriously… Oh, and look at the remixes and prep work. What do people think when they put these things on the web? Wow, this might not have been so bad if … Continue reading

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If only US commercials were this good

Honestly, it’d be very nice if we all collectively decided that it’s ‘ok’ to view things like this during prime-time TV. Do we think ‘the children’ are going to NOT see this online/in-magazines/at-school??? Seriously now, you have to chuckle… Oh, … Continue reading

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