Ode to a Turtle

I love turtles.  Always have.  Thought I loved Testudo best until we lost power a few nights ago.  Four woke up screaming because his night light was out.  Four is scared of the dark and just got this Turtle for Xmas from his Aunt.  It lights up with Constellations  in your choice of three different colors for 45 minutes and than turns itself off.  I still had to go running into his room to soothe him, but I ended up sleeping on his floor for an hour instead of him in my bed or my 9 mo pregnant self in the top bunk with him <like that could happen>.   No Fearing this Turtle.  Between the Turtle and the Thomas Flashlight – both worth every penny.

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  1. zinger says:

    5th google image for Testudo

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