Parenting Tip for Evil Bastard……

I have often written asking for obnoxious toy ideas for my nephews and given my top obnoxious toy lists for the pre-school and under set. (by the way I have a few new ones to add) Well, here is away to get back at your neighbors when you have kids. Pay attention Evil Bastard! You will need to do this in another 18 months. I went to a birthday party accross the street from me Saturday afternoon. When we got home I fed the kids a snack before bed because I know they only ate pretzels and cake. They were too busy to be interested in eating at the party. Q and 4 tore into their Goody Bags. As I was helping Q get a plastic ring out of the goody bag, I noticed there are pixie sticks in the good bag. I look at 4 just as he’s about to bite into a pixie stick. He thought it was a drinking straw. I snatched all the pixie sticks up and quickly looked to see what other sugary dye weapons of hyperness were in the bag among the bag of bubbles, plastic rings, and plastic cars.

So from now on I will frisk all Goody Bags. Do not trust any source! I was the same house for a birthday party in January and the good bags had raisins, granola bars, and packets of little fish! Now we have smarties and pixie sticks!

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  1. Evil_bastard says:

    My kid is hyper enough without candy.

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