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Today I received my chiller from Aquatic Exchange. I want to highly recommend the site and it’s owner ‘Bob’ for excellent customer care and communication. When the original one I requested wasn’t in stock, Bob offered to match the price on a more expensive one – he also checked out my work in progress for the fish tank monitor and offered compliments for the little progress I’d made so far. I’ve changed a little so that I’m scraping the straight stats from the Dr. Aquarium website then feeding them into rrdtool every five minutes to make my own graphs.

Now all I need to do it plumb it.

Also, if you look at the temp stats, you’ll see that there’s no “sump temp” being plotted. That’s because the temperature sensor no longer works and I’m trying to RMA it. Kind of a drag it broke already after two months.

The Labjack is cheaper and supports more items. However, it’s a bit more complicated then just hooking up a probe.

What’ll be really handy in the future is when wireless usb becomes mainstream and instead of running cables to sensors all over the place, you just put the sensor wherever you want.

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