Tank monitoring

I seem to be having problems getting my ph readings on my fishtank to act accurately.

In the past couple weeks I’ve replaced my ph probe three times. I’ve also tried re-arranging the cables and restarting my sampling system. I’ve even re-installed older versions of the data collection program.

My best guess is that I have some form of ground loop throwing off the readings, or that my DrDaq is broken. Problem with the DrDaq is that the company is based in the UK so it not only takes months to get a replacement, but you also have to pay shipping and fill out a bunch of customs forms. Totally not worth it.

So I’ve decided that I’ll switch to one of the Neptune Systems Aquacontrollers. Specifically the JR which has gotten cheaper to the point where they cost about the same price as the DrDaq. Plus, maybe I won’t have to spend $20 and two months to return a defective temp probe that was sent as a replacement to an already RMA’d original probe (horrible customer service). Oh and bonus, they appear to already be paying attention to things like Ground Loop issues and have a Ground Loop Interrupter (albeit as a really high price, but I guess that if they’re the only supplier, they can charge whatever they want).

So in the next couple weeks, I’ll be switching my Windows box that’s running DrAquarium to a Linux box doing a serial port query and pushing that to a web page. In terms of ultimate webapp, I like the design over at ShallowReef.

Added to the list – either try to get webcam streaming (flash) support, or buy one of those Axis cameras on Ebay.

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  3. zinger says:

    I have installed the Neptune and it’s working great for PH sampling. As soon as the serial port arrives, I’ll start working on an app to poll the serial interface and push it to a website.

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