Year of Macbook pro repairs

Well, my 15″ Retina Macbook Pro is hitting it’s fourth year with me, and it’s now starting to show it’s age. I’m really not that impressed with either the specs, look, or price of the newly announced Macbook so I’ve had to do some repairs. I’ll make posts about those here.

Also, I purchased the 1st Generation Retina MacBook Pro – and man it was buggy.

List of issues:
1) Screen Ghosting. Took it back to the Apple store and had a new screen put on within a month of purchase.
2) Flickering display. Took it back to the Apple store, and they replaced the LCD and the main board.
3) Non-functioning USB. As soon as I got it home from the Apple store from the second repair, the right side USB port wasn’t working.
4) Extremely hot charging port. As in, smelled of something burning. Touched it with my hand, and it seared a little flat spot into my index finger. This time, Apple did a whole replacement ‘capture for analysis’ as they were concerned it was a ‘customer safety’ issue. They gave me a new laptop after that, and moved my original serial number to the new device.

Also, I made one minor upgrade – replaced the 256GB SSD on the motherboard with a 960GB 3rd party SSD. That will play into the story later.

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