NHL All star controversy and the Interweb

I’m going to hit the “more” tag, since this is off topic in all regards.

I really want to talk about the NHL all-star game. I know, no one really gives a crap; I won’t watch it either. The only reason it’s news this year is Rory Fitzpatrick. The NHL decided that it could try to make more money by having a fan all-star game voting promotion in which fans could vote as many times as they wanted (read: web traffic for sponsors). So, some guy on the Something Awful Forums came up with the idea of voting a nondescript defenseman named Rory Fitzpatrick into the all-star game. Rory narrowly lost the vote, and hockey pundits (like Gretzky) treated poor Rory like dirt for it. Screw them. Note to NHL: bring back fighting and stop whining so much.

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  1. Evil_bastard says:

    More proof that no one really gave a crap (aside from the Internet voting thing).


    In my opinion, any sport’s all-star game is like Hollywood’s string of self-aggrandizing awards — that are a big deal to the people involved, but with some odd expectation that the rest of society will hold it in the same regard.

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